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About Us

A subset of our national newspaper, The National Business Review, The Capital District Review is your home for stories about businesses that residents and visitors alike want to hear. We are an information hub for locals, as well as our visitors, to get a better understanding of your home and locally owned businesses.

Whether you are planning a trip to visit family, find good places to eat, get a better understanding about traveling to an area, or in need of a trustworthy review of a professional locally owned business, The Capital District Review is your one-stop-shop! We at The Capital District Review strive to bring the feeling of community to our readers and to be a place of storytelling and shared ideas, as well as showcase a different business each month.

We conduct interviews with small businesses and feature them in a spotlight article based on the interview. This allows us to learn more about these businesses so that we can provide honest and fair reviews of the business.

Through our business reviews, we aim to support local businesses by shining a light on who they are and what they do so that our readers have a listing of dependable businesses they can use when the time is right. The Capital District Review can be used not only by residents and visitors looking for things to do or businesses to hire but also by business owners who want more exposure for their business. If you are a business owner who owns a business, your business can be featured on The Capital District Review.

Please contact us with your business information so that we can set up an interview and learn more about your business. We bring residents and visitors fair honest reviews that can accurately represent your business.

It will only cost about 30-40 minutes of your time, so contact us today.

Or, schedule an interview to be spotlighted in our paper!